Wednesday 16 November 2016

Gift with Purchase by Kellogg’s – Free Lunch Box

Kellogg’s is a food manufacturer that both kids and kids-at-heart love due to their sweet, colorful breakfast cereals that spread the good vibes around the globe all year round. It is especially great for the parents because the brand’s products do not require them to cook much in the morning, and the children can immediately dig in after pouring milk in a bowl full of cereals. Also, Kellogg’s always has brand-new promotional products that they transform into on-pack promotion each time.

Gift with Purchase by Kellogg’s – Free Lunch Box

The latest one from their advertising ideas is a lunch box, and here’s why the brand can earn well with its help:
  1. It has animal designs. Children of all ages – boys in particular – never get tired of looking at animals. Hence, the promotional gift can be awesome for the business.
  2. It can be collected. Based on the free lunch box images on the box, there are three items that the consumers can collect. This is cool, because some parents out there like to complete things like this.
  3. It is child-proof. The folks can ensure the safe of the youngsters through this as well. Even though the kids will be bringing it, there will be lower chances of spilling its content because of the tight lid that the gift with purchase has.

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