Wednesday 16 November 2016

Customized Sports Shirt from Emperador Brandy

Clothes are the real border-crossers since the types are supposed to be appropriate for one occasion only becomes acceptable for others as well. The long-sleeved plaid shirts, for instance, have been popularized by lumberjacks or other men whose jobs are outdoors, but now even the youth wear them for fashion’s sake. Polo shirts are not exempted from this too, as people who have never held a golf club or a tennis racket in this lifetime put it on often. Therefore, the same kind that Emperador Brandy has included to their bottles will be handy.

Customized Sports Shirt from Emperador Brandy

Advantages Received by the Brand from the GWP
  • Ultimate Remembrance. If you focus a little more on the writings below the on-pack promotion, it clearly states the words ‘limited edition’ there. The red-colored shirt is just one of the four advertising products that the brand has prepared too, that’s why they can be remembered well by consumers through the GWPs.
  • Greater Sales. Emperador lovers have higher probability of getting the gift with purchase. This can equate to greater profits as well because of it.
  • Increased Logo Noticeability. The left side of the promo gift’s chest has the brand’s logo printed on it. Being a customized sports shirt, it can surely make Emperador extra detectable for drinkers.

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