Tuesday 15 November 2016

Wyeth Bonakid Pre-School GWP – Free Umbrella

Because of how the climate has negatively been affected by the changes that humans do to nature, even the hi-tech machines that monitoring agencies use to predict the weather every day sometimes seem inaccurate. If in the past decades there is not a single drop of rain during summer, for instance, now there are even typhoons that come along. The most alarming thing about the latter is that they are going to be stronger in the future. Hence, apart from trying to revive the planet, we should bring something like this foldable Bonakid umbrella often.

Wyeth Bonakid Pre-School GWP – Free Umbrella

How The Brand Can Make Money From It
  • GWPs Lure Parents. Regardless of how many dollars a family rakes in monthly, most of the parents are still conscious about their shopping budget. Thus, when they see a trusted brand has an in-pack promotion in place, they are more likely to purchase their product(s).
  • Color Suits Kids. White constitutes to purity and innocence – the two characteristics that children are known for. Since the free umbrella has this same color, the elders will feel that it is appropriate for them to have.
  • Promotional Gift Equals Brand Slogan. According to the company, Bonakid is for kids who have a greater edge in life. Meaning, they are energetic and do not get sick easily. This gift with purchase, as it can protect them from the harsh sun or rain, complies well to that slogan.

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