Wednesday 30 November 2016

Gift with Purchase – Nestlé Dip Container

Finger foods are always popular in different events. Especially in casual parties, the matter that gets the guests’ motors running aside from the gossips shared among old pals is the kinds of snack dips that the host(s) will be serving to them, because cut-up fruits and vegetables and fried stuff are more scrumptious when eaten with more than just mayo, ketchup, or mustard. Thus, the dip container that Nestlé has included as an in-pack promotion can be put to a lot of use during these occasions.

Gift with Purchase – Nestlé Dip Container

Nice Benefits of Having The Brand’s GWP
  • Sanitary. Lids have been invented because airborne diseases can touch food when they are left out in the open. As the gift with purchase has its own cover, the people can simply open it when they are eating, and then close it again right after.
  • Deep. The free dip container can fit in an adult’s palm easily. Yet, it is deep enough to be filled with a good amount of dips.
  • Stackable. This is obviously stackable due to the slight indentation on top of the lid. The promo gift is therefore amazing to have when you are taking the party elsewhere.

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