Wednesday 30 November 2016

Promo Cocktail Shaker by Jose Cuervo

It takes a cocktail expert to concoct a drink that will not be dangerous to the drinker. Before this person becomes one though, he or she studies the different alcohols well and performs a lot of practice in order to perfect the liquid masterpiece. The food and beverage educators can help them with the studying part, but a nice brand that offers promotional merchandise to mix the drinks in is better known as the Jose Cuervo.

Promo Cocktail Shaker by Jose Cuervo

Prizes that Consumers will Obtain
  • Clarity. The beginners ideally have a formula that states what the beverage should look like at certain stages, while the professionals know the color and texture they are aiming for beforehand. The gift with purchase is a clear plastic cocktail shaker, so the liquid is going to be highly visible to the consumers.
  • No Leaks. Honestly speaking, the alcohols that mixers use to create various combinations are not cheap. That’s why it may help them relax once they hear that this promo gift does not leak at all.
  • Solidity. When real bartenders and the wannabes test their new tricks with the free cocktail shaker, breaking it will be the least of their worries. This is because the on-pack promotion does not easily break even if it falls from a high elevation.

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