Wednesday 30 November 2016

Free Foldable Bag from Unilever’s Rexona

The love that some people show towards a large selection of bags is hard to understand for the others who simply like a small number of useful bags. There are many segments online and offline that speak about the former’s reasoning, yet we cannot almost find anything regarding the latter. But if there is one type that is a must-have for either party, it is the free foldable bag from Unilever’s Rexona.

Free Foldable Bag from Unilever’s Rexona

Benefits of Taking the On-Pack Promotion
  • Packs a Lot. This is convenient to bring during short trips because you can put several pairs of garments inside. The gift with purchase does not have any hindering compartment, so space is not scarce.
  • Handy for Traveling. You go to different places to experience new stuff, not to take care of your bag. Thus, the zipper and the drawstring on the promo gift are helpful in securing it.
  • Less Storing Effort. Once the fun is over and you have to go back to reality, this can neatly be stored at the bottom of the closet like a folded newspaper. This is therefore one of the promotional products that lets you make use of space efficiently.

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