Monday 14 November 2016

Nescafé Promo Offering – Classy Glass Mug

If there is one coffee brand that a lot of consumers can quickly tell apart from the others because of the red-colored mugs that it has used as an on-pack promotion for decades, it is Nescafé without a doubt. The company has its products sold in many countries, but they stayed the most with this freebie so that the clients can associate this color to the brand easily. However, even if marketing strategies comparable to this do provide higher profits to the manufacturers, Nescafé has chosen this time to trade the classic design with a classy glass mug along with its new blends.

Why is a GWP Makeover Advantageous for the Company?
  1. It signifies incoming changes. The fact that more individuals order different espressos in a café means that the sales for black coffee may not be as profitable as before. Therefore, the special promo gift shows that the manufacturer will introduce more caffeinated merchandise soon.  
  2. This expands target market. The usual Nescafé advertising products appeal to those who are beyond their 30s, yet not much to the millennials who pose as the future main consumers in the world. The promotional glass mug above suits the latter’s way of living though, so it can be good for the brand.
  3. It lets the brand gain greater respect. Nescafé adapts well to the innovations in the food and beverage industry. As this bit is apparent in their gift with purchase, the company can earn greater respect of the customers.

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