Friday 11 November 2016

Branded St. Jude Bracelet from Lancôme

Similar to the high-profile personalities that endorse their merchandise, the skincare companies have nicer qualities that can often be outshined by various well-promoted product lines that come in pretty packages. A common example of this is their continuous support to charitable or medical institutions that need immediate assistance. Lancôme, in particular, has currently added a promotional bracelet that is branded with the logo of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and a quarter of the sales they will receive through the item shown below will be donated to the latter.

Branded St. Jude Bracelet from Lancôme

You may be wondering now what rewards Lancôme can gather from it. Here they are:
  • Increased Societal Importance. Beyond the truth that the brand did this for a great cause, having gift with purchase like the bracelet can make the company’s name more fragrant in the community. Therefore, many will watch out for future Lancôme offerings.
  • Larger Brand Visibility. The other foundations that provide assistance to the hospital may use their own websites to feature this promotional gift. If it occurs, this brand reaches more consumers too.

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