Wednesday 23 November 2016

POS Display – Free Beach Bag by Unilever’s Dove

The time when thick jackets and slide-free boots are required has already started, and many have probably tucked their summer clothes deep under their closets. However, aside from purchasing Fall- or winter-related items right now, you should be stockpiling your grocery cart as well with stuff that can be used for the hotter season. This is because the market demand for the latter is definitely lesser than the supply, so you can buy them at extra affordable prices. This is how wise folks save a few bucks. In case you are wiser though, you will not say no the beach bag giveaways of Dove, a skin and hair care brand under Unilever.

POS Display – Free Beach Bag by Unilever’s Dove

What can the company gain from the POS display?
  • Higher Brand Visibility. The golden silhouette of a bird that is evident in all of Dove’s normal products is also on the promotional merchandise. A lot of individuals can notice this, thus boosting the visibility of the brand.
  • Greater Demonstration of Convenience. The manner that the free beach bag has been folded inside the box shows how effortless the consumers can store it when not in use. Also, the material is lightweight, that’s why the promo gift makes the company a real winner in the biz.
  • Nicer Feedback. Regardless if they publish it online or not, customers talk about the gift with purchase that they have recently received in front of friends and family. And because of the coolness of this on-pack promotion, the manufacturer can breathe out a sigh of relief for the good word that they will spread about Dove.

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