Wednesday 23 November 2016

Branded Heart-Shaped Mirror from Benefit Cosmetics

If there is one color that has been the target of discrimination for many, many years, it definitely is pink. This is said to be meant for the ladies alone, but when they put something on that has pinkish hue, they are accused of being too girly. Once a guy wear a pink shirt or a part of shoes though, especially in school, he gets branded as manly enough. All these problems just because of a color choice!

Luckily, everyone has mellowed down and pretty much accepted that pink items are normal, and nothing is wrong with any gender liking it. To emphasize our point, check out this branded mirror from Benefit Cosmetics.

Branded Heart-Shaped Mirror from Benefit Cosmetics

Reasons to Appreciate the Gift with Purchase
  1. Chic. The statement on the cover can make the women smile and bring out their self-confidence. Smart marketing strategies similar to what the brand has accomplished through this is worthy of huge respect.
  2. Thin. The promo gift will not take up more than four inches of space in the consumer’s purse. Its slimness can receive top marks from those who have a lot of other things to carry daily.
  3. Customized. Square or circular mirrors are common, but heart-shaped advertising products do not often grace beauty stores. Benefit can take advantage of this and gain higher sales.

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