Tuesday 22 November 2016

Tabasco’s GWP – Custom-made Salt and Pepper Shaker

As houses are getting constructed in different shapes and forms in accordance to the owners’ adoration for contemporary architecture, even the littlest things that they add to their new abode can look way out of the norm. The once round plates can be square, the non-stick pots and pans can turn into ceramic, and - if they get this in-pack promotion from Tabasco – a regular salt and pepper shaker into a custom-made one.

Tabasco’s GWP – Custom-made Salt and Pepper Shaker

Hot GWP Perks for the Brand
  • Makes Lots of Sales. This is the kind of gift with purchase which is not too easy to spot in the display racks, but when you do see it, you just want to buy it. Indeed, promotional products like this condiment holder can make consumers curious enough to bring it to the checkout booth.
  • Offers Great Branding Area. Where brand owners place their logo on the merchandise matters. The custom-made salt and pepper shaker has its entire form as the design, so Tabasco has been able to simply print their name near the tiny holes where the granules will come out.
  • Stays in Customers’ Minds. A jalapeño-shaped salt and pepper shaker is not always accessible in many stores. Yet, because the brand has generated the promo gift, it will not be a lost memory in a consumer’s mind.

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