Monday 21 November 2016

Promo Gift by Biofitea – Branded Mason Jar

It is not much of a nuisance to a lot of people, yet some who buy their sugar, tea, and coffee creamer in little packets do not want to store them in the box that they typically come with, that’s why they are often in search for containers that secure these condiments and beverage-makers while adding to the beauty of the cupboard or countertop where they will be placed. On this note, we are more than happy to present this on-pack promotion fulfilled by Biofitea.

Promo Gift by Biofitea – Branded Mason Jar

Benefits of Producing the GWP
  • Emphasizes Sophistication. Advertising products that are made out of glass are always a step higher than those which are crafted from plastic because they are rarely done. Thus, the gift with purchase helps increase brand value.
  • Holds Logo Well. There is no point in creating freebies that you cannot print or paste your logo into. This is not a problem, however, with the promo gift, as you may notice above.
  • Makes Brand Detectable. It definitely helps consumers to detect the name of the manufacturer. In addition, the branded mason jar uplifts their significance in the industry.

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