Monday 21 November 2016

Marketing Tip from Nestlé: Invent Your Promotional Products

A misconception always directed to the pillars in the food and beverage industry like Nestlé is that they are no longer required to improve their advertising strategies because they already have an established name in the market. However, the truth is exactly its opposite since there is greater pressure on them to create promotional products that can rival the ones produced by the novice marketers in order to keep their stature. This is why the company has come up with a backpack and hoodie combo for Nestlé Nido.

Marketing Tip from Nestlé: Invent Your Promotional Products

Marketing Requirements Passed by the Brand
  • Relevance. The promo gift offers many advantages for peoples whose children like being outdoors more. No one can assure that the sunny morning will persist until it is time to go home, so this item can give them extra protection.
  • Distinction. Kids would generally rather get rained on than wear stuffy raincoats or use umbrellas. But because the customized hoodie is designed like an extension of the free backpack, they cannot say no to it.
  • Societal Worth. The brand fulfills their social obligation to generate gift with purchase materials that can increase the comfort and convenience of consumers. Thus, Nestlé’s importance levels up too.

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