Tuesday 22 November 2016

Watsons GWP – Promotional Teddy Bear

Watsons is one of the personal care brands that truly comprehends what every customer needs – products that are inexpensive yet of great quality. This is the reason why you enter any of their stores locally or abroad, the items that will greet you can be purchased for half the original price or are loaded with promo gift materials. The cuddliest from the lot right now are these teddy bears in diverse colors.

Watsons GWP – Promotional Teddy Bear

Why is a Stuffed Toy Loveable for Consumers?
  1. It’s plush. The promotional teddy bear is designated for the female and younger market. Watsons did a great job by making it as soft and cute as possible, since that’s what they – the clients – often look for.
  2. It has petite size. Even a child can carry the on-pack promotion under one arm. This fact can entice parents to buy the gift set for their little girl(s).
  3. It matches the cologne. Consumers also like to see the connection between normal products and advertising merchandise. Hence, it is good that the gift with purchase makes a nice pair with the cologne.

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