Friday 2 December 2016

Customized Mug – GWP from Swiss Miss

While there are students or workers who cannot function properly in the morning if they cannot consume a hearty breakfast, there are also many whose stomach are not used to needing to work at the wee hours and therefore make them feel a bit sick. However, if solids are not for everyone at this time of the day, then perhaps we can tempt you with hot cocoa in a steaming mug from Swiss Miss?

Customized Mug – GWP from Swiss Miss

Fantastic Advantages of Making a Customized Mug
  • Well-spotted Brand Name. The Swiss Miss logo in front of the promo gift hold the exact length and width that consumers cannot miss. This makes a lot of people aware of the brand.
  • Complementing Colors. Brown-eyed girls are advised to use shades of blue for eye makeup because they balance each other. Since the gift with purchase is dark blue and the chocolate is brown, the same principle can apply to it.
  • Higher Product Relevance. This on-pack promotion goes well with the main product of Swiss Miss. Thus, how the manufacturers market the brand is very noteworthy.

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