Friday 2 December 2016

Promotional Beaker by Absolut Vodka

Scientists, like chess or computer geniuses, always get stereotyped as part of the nerd crowd probably because they know a lot about chemicals or anatomy more than any regular person who does a different job. Yet, in this way of stereotyping them, lesser people see that having a lab nerd for a friend can be fun too. In fact, if you gift this Absolut Vodka beaker to them, they may be able to brew a new drink for you.

Promotional Beaker by Absolut Vodka

What appreciable things did the brand do to the in-pack promotion?
  1. Enlarged the Beaker. Advertising products similar to the glassware can hold up to a liter of liquid. Absolut did well with this gift with purchase because the beverage consumers can concoct with friends will not be limited.
  2. Printed the Logo.  Another marketable point of the promotional beaker is that it carries the logo of the brand. No one will mistake it as a freebie from a different company now.
  3. Stayed with Clear Glass. Absolut obviously likes to contain their vodka in clear bottles as a manner to advertise the brand. Thus, it is nice that the promo gift is in line with this ideal.

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