Monday 5 December 2016

Branded Keychain – Marketing Idea from Versace

The size of an object is indirectly proportional to its importance in human lives. Yards and yards of fabrics can be beautiful, but they are still of no use to anyone unless a tailor turns them into curtains, duvets, or clothes. On the contrary, a key can be as small as our thumb, but if we misplace it we will not be able to get into our car or house. The only solution we see fit for the latter is to always attach the keys to a keychain like the GWP from Versace.

Branded Keychain – Marketing Idea from Versace

Recompenses that Versace Provides to Customers
  1. It grabs attention. Gold seeks more attention than silver in general. Thus, the branded keychain can help the owners to find their keys easily.
  2. The branding technique is new. Manufacturers typically use two-dimensional logos or brand names on their promo gift. However, Versace’s logo is three-dimensional, so it is very unique.
  3. The logo needs no label. The brand has been in the fashion industry for decades. They are banking on this fact when they created the gift with purchase. For the consumers, when their colleagues see this, they can recognize the keychain’s origin immediately too.

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