Monday 5 December 2016

Free Umbrella – Promo Gift from Tavernello

Imagine that this is your first day at work, and you have woken up a couple of hours before you are supposed to out of sheer excitement to look your best for the job, and then while you are waiting for the cab on the side of the street it suddenly rained. Would you: a) curse the heavens for its bad timing; or b) stomp your feet and cry out loud? Neither can change the fact though that you have been careless enough to forget your umbrella, that’s why you are drenched like that. Hence, you will be readier next time once you obtain the on-pack promotion from Tavernello.

Free Umbrella – Promo Gift from Tavernello

Cheering Characteristics of the GWP
  • Small. Umbrellas that have long, curved handles only suit the style of the Kingsmen nowadays. Mary Poppins may even prefer the smallness of this promo gift if it was available during her time.
  • Foldable. Since the free umbrella can be folded, it fits in most shoulder bags or backpacks. Therefore, where to store it is not an issue for the consumers.
  • Helpful. Despite the foldability of the gift with purchase, it offers the same benefits as the larger ones. The owner may even be able to share the promotional merchandise with another person.

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