Tuesday 6 December 2016

Olay Promotional Travel Bag – P&G POS Display

P&G is one generous manufacturer. Why? It is because without their outstanding chemists and brand managers, our choices for the most reasonably priced personal care and cleaning products will be very limited. Aside from that, the marketing ideas they make use of are far from being deemed as subpar. They actually have velvety Olay travel bag on POS display in Watsons stores now.

Olay Promotional Travel Bag – P&G POS Display

Perks Which Are Within Consumers’ Grasp
  • Comfortability. Going on a trip means you have no other option but to carry all your necessities. The largeness of the promotional travel bag, however, will make packing everything in one place absolutely stress-free.
  • Practicality. Once you are tired of holding the bag with the top handles, there is a long strap available so you can wear it on your shoulder. The hooks for this strip is even visible on the sides of the promo gift.
  • Luxury. Admit it or not, weekend bags crafted from thin cloth materials already cost more than 30 dollars, irrespective of their brand name. Yet, this gift with purchase is more luxurious than all of them and is as free as it can be.

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