Thursday 8 December 2016

Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Manufacturers create a case for practically every single item that has a huge tendency of shattering to pieces when they fall down. Sunglasses, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are a few common examples of objects which have protective coverings designed for them. However, they are not alone on the planet anymore, as Hanae Mori has included a classy pouch for their small perfumes as promo gift.

Hanae Mori Giveaway – Classy Perfume Pouch

Which benefits can the brand attain from such marketing idea?
  1. Rise in sales. Consumers like free stuff in general. Thus, Hanae Mori can reach their quota faster when they have gift with purchase.
  2. Increase in visibility. In fear of wasting a prized perfume due to carelessness, the owners will surely take the free pouch everywhere. This helps others see the brand name more.
  3. Boost in consumer affection. The reason why many office employees transfer a portion of their fragrances in travel-sized plastic bottles is because they do not want to break the actual glass bottle at work. But the on-pack promotion can secure the product, so the customers can send more love to the brand.

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