Thursday 8 December 2016

Thomson Medical offer Maternity Items in Branded Suitcase to Expectant Mothers

As we near the New Year, Healthcare service provider Thomson Medical is offering a special package of Maternity items in a stylish suitcase for expectant mothers in 2017. This promotional set with Confinement Essentials is following in the footsteps of the 2016 Pampering Luggage.

The package of Confinement Essentials is offered to women during post-natal recovery and are returning home. Being a professional in the areas of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics, Thomson Medical knows exactly what new mothers need in the crucial first weeks of motherhood. Conveniently tucked into a Branded Suitcase, which makes it easy to travel with, it contains the following products:

  • 4-Wheeled Cabin Suitcase (22 inch / 56 cm)
  • Thomson Medical’s Confinement Cookbook + Nutritious Recipe Book for Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Hip & Belly Wrap
  • Anti-slip Covered Bedroom Slippers
  • Breast Pads
  • Waterproof Wet Bag
  • Set of Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic Treatment
  • Set of Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream
  • Set of Probiotic Cleansing Mousse, Feminine Mist and Talc-free Powder
  • Feeding Accessories Wash + Wet Wipes
  • Growth Chart + Cupcake Stand
  • Young Parents Magazine
  • Antibacterial Overnight Sanitary Pads (360 mm)
  • Disposable Underpants and Underpads (bed pads)
  • Document Holder + Huaxia Taimaobi Voucher for Thomson Babies
  • Avivia’s MyJoyfulBundle Insurance Plan for Mummy & Baby
All of these items play an important role in the first few weeks of motherhood. It's a very complete set that contains everything to feel more comfortable after giving birth and for getting used to caring for a newborn baby. The set also includes products for the mother's personal care. Pregnancy and labor are an intense journey for the human body, so it can use a bit of pampering afterwards!

The suitcase itself offers a perfect surface for Brand Recognition. There is a big branding space, so the message will literally travel far and wide with the suitcase. It might be taken to airports and train stations, so everywhere in public people will be able to read your message and recognise your brand.

On a page in the Thomson Medical magazine, there was also an advertisement for Similac baby milk powder. They are offering a free sample and a branded bib as a Gift with Purchase. It is always good to have many bibs on hand, so offering one as a Marketing Gift will definitely catch the eye of parents. The logo has a prominent position on the front of the bib, allowing for easy Brand Recall. 

The advantages of offering such a Marketing Gift:

  • Enhances Brand Loyalty: As a healthcare provider, it is important to show patients that they are the number one priority. This will definitely be achieved by offering such a complete Promotional Care Package to send their patients off to the wonderful journey of parenthood. 
  • Brand Awareness: Suitcases are widely used when traveling. If the suitcase is branded, this will have the potential to spread your company name to all corners of the globe. 
  • Additional customers: Parents who have been with Thomson Medical for their pregnancy journey and have received the Confinement Package might tell their friends and family about the complete service and thoughtful promotional gift they received. This might convince more parents-to-be to choose this hospital.
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