Wednesday 7 December 2016

Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Black Friday, one of the most awaited days in the Americans lives because of marketing products that they can obtain at highly discounted rates, ended not more than two weeks ago. And, for sure, the young and old citizens who have waited in long lines in their respective supermarkets that day cannot get this off their minds easily. Their memory of the said event may even strengthen once they see this GWP from Shiseido.

Shiseido Black Friday Idea – Customized Wristlet

Particular Parts of the Freebie that Customers Like
  • The Shape. Although ladies want a purse where they can dump their essentials, they do not appreciate items that bulk up. That’s why the slimness and wideness of the customized wristlet meets their standards.
  • The Color Combo. Red and black are two solid and dark colors which, if not mixed strategically, can result to cheap-looking promotional merchandise. However, as there are more of the latter than the former in this gift with purchase, it looks so stunning.
  • The Handle. The thin looped strap of the promo gift allows consumers to carry it on their palm or let it dangle on their arm. This can be convenient in certain circumstances.

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