Friday 30 June 2017

Coca-Cola Promotion for Father’s Day at SM

There are 365 days in a year, and only one of them is especially dedicated to the father figures in our lives. Despite that, large malls like SM were making sure that it won’t pass without a bang. They even got a popular beverage brand in on the event to offer various freebies – how much cooler could they be? Hence, check out this Coca-Cola promotion in the Philippines.

Coca-Cola Promotion for Father’s Day at SM

Why is a Coca-Cola promotion noteworthy for brands?

  •  Promotes Collectible Items. Since the last several decades, the company surely has released different promotional products in the form of GWPs or purchase with purchase. These objects, may they be glasses or shirts, become memorabilia for the people who love their carbonated drinks.
  • Increases Consumer Interest. The in-store display was located beside an escalator, so many shoppers notice this marketing strategy. The color of the branded emoticon cups and how they’ve been stacked in a pyramid catch the passersby’s eyes as well. Those who did not initially know about the campaign, therefore, would get curious to ask how to avail such prizes.
  •  Retains Customer Loyalty. The slogan used to advertise the brand has always emphasized that their cola is meant to be shared with family members. If you zoom the photo in, you will see customized bookmarks and small notebooks whose covers show a father-and-son duo. This can make the consumers realize that Coca-Cola actually and still cares, and so their loyalty to the company stays strong.

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