Monday 3 July 2017

Free Headband – Online Promo from Paco Rabanne

Can’t feel the goddess in you during tough times? Problems can truly affect people like that, to the point that even your precious accessories cannot lighten up your mood. If alleviating the issues is not close to happening, though, then maybe you can get a bit of positivity from a free headband created by Paco Rabanne for the Olympéa perfume line?

Free Headband – Online Promo from Paco Rabanne

What perks come off a free headband?

  • Gorgeous Design. The front part of the brand’s promo gift resembles the laurel leaves that Greek deities are represented to wear on their heads. It works perfectly for the theme of the campaign, so the online shoppers at Ulta can recognize that it’s for Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance.
  • Low Cost. The color of this promotional merchandise makes it fit for the high-end image of the company, doesn’t it? Take the pigment away, however, you get an elastic garter and pieces of beads stringed together. Buying these materials can barely skim their budget; that’s why the brand won’t suffer even if they give out hundreds of headpieces to consumers.
  • Not Seasonal. If you receive it as a gift with purchase, for example, you’ll know that it can be worn at any time of the year. Women of diverse ages and social statuses can pull it off as well, regardless if they are wearing casual or formal clothes.

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