Tuesday 11 July 2017

Branded Soap Case by Unilever's Dove

When you buy toiletries with your hard-earned money, you realize how extravagant it is to leave a soap swimming in the water after bath. It’s not like it will harden into a bar again once you fish it out, no – you will either have to lather up with a small piece or re-purchase a fresh box. Nonetheless, if you take one from Unilever’s Dove now, you will also be presented with a branded soap case. How cool is that?

Branded Soap Case by Unilever's Dove

Why is this branded soap case unique?

  • It’s Custom Fit. The bar becomes deformed when it accidentally knocks on the sides of a regular dispenser. So, since the Dove soap has a slight curve in the middle, it is only right that the brand’s in-pack promotion features the same shape for a great fit.
  • The logo is placed well. You can see by enlarging the photo above that in addition to the grooves on the gift with purchase, there are two Dove logos too. The brand needed no other color than white to display them because they simply sustain the kind of branding that consumers are accustomed to.
  • It’s Portable. What happens every time you embark on a long trip with a box of soap? Typically, the packaging caves in and you have to look for another container to store the bar in for the journey back. Hence, traveling with this promo gift saves you from worrying about the latter as the soap case already very transportable.

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