Friday 21 July 2017

Free Swimming Ring - Nivea Skincare Promo

There may be objects in your room that don’t make sense to your mother, but that shouldn’t deter you from keeping them. It’s just that some things we own are more suitable for special happenings. Several examples of these include the pen you only use during exams, the silky tie for important transactions, and a Hawaiian shirt for pool parties. If ever you need a free swimming ring, Nivea can give you one as a skincare promo as well.

Free Swimming Ring - Nivea Skincare Promo

What are the advantages of getting a free swimming ring?

  • Inflatable. Survival experts say that every homeowner should have an emergency kit ready all the time. This promotional product does not consume much space when deflated. You can simply blow air from your mouth in it whenever necessary.
  • Safe. The two plastic handles won’t come off even if you hang tightly on them to maintain your balance on the water. You may also detach the rope decoration during an urgent situation to pull someone to safety.
  • Heavy Duty. The material used to construct the gift with purchase is less likely to fall even though a person of massive weight may sit on it. This is quite thick too, so it won’t tear that easy.

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