Friday 16 June 2017

Lady's Choice's Guardians of the Galaxy GWP - Promo Lunch Kit

As a fan of the Marvel Universe, you can't not know the Guardians of the Galaxy. Following the lives of the heroes and villains in this realm has given the movie's second installment a box-office win. This much has allowed a lot of brands like Lady's Choice to ride the tides and offer a GWP that showcases the same cinematic feel. Find out how the promo lunch kit can draw in their target market.

Lady's Choice's Guardians of the Galaxy GWP - Promo Lunch Kit

Promo Lunch Kit Advantages

  • Visible Characters. The photographic memory of an individual of any age is way stronger than his or her capability to remember texts. Since the images of Groot, Drax, and Gamora (and perhaps the others not captured above) are on the cover of the gift with purchase, the young shoppers can quickly notice them.
  • Durable Material. This promotional product has been formed out of tin. We know for a fact that a higher number of parents across the real world want their kids' lunch boxes to be free from harsh chemicals that plastic usually contains. Hence, the metallic raw material seems like a nice choice for the buyers.
  • Sizeable Kit. Depending on what grade level your child is in, the classes can extend from half a day to full day. It can be a total nuisance for the family if there are separate food storage; that's why it's cool to see marketing ideas similar to this that's neither too big nor too small for snacks and lunch meal.
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