Monday 5 June 2017

Penshoppe GWP – Free Bag Tag

Having your precious luggage misplaced in the throngs of bags in the airport is never a source of good vibes. The time you could have been spending enjoying a new city or resting in your bed has to be consumed by talking to an airfield personnel to find out where it landed. And once you find it, you need to provide proper identification before they hand it over to you. These unneeded chaos can bounce off, however, if you have a bag tag attached to it. Check out a similar freebie from Penshoppe.

Penshoppe GWP – Free Bag Tag

What kinds of returns will the brand get?
  1. Nicer Appeal. Penshoppe has recently entered the international scene; that’s why there are consumer who remain unconscious of their promotional products. However, the free bag tag seems awesome, so it can attract them well.
  2. Greater Visibility. The on-pack promotion is designed for people who travel a lot. It means that anywhere the user goes, the other individuals in that place will see the gift with purchase.
  3. Higher Profits. The initial attraction that customers may feel towards the promo gift can result to more income for this brand. Thus, their efforts pay off.

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