Friday 3 February 2017

Branded Dip Tray – Lay’s On-Pack Promotion

Chips are the greasy junk food that health practitioners always tell us to stay away from, but we give in to our cravings any way more often than we let on because of their addictive flavors. If there is one brand that is deliberated as a leading force in this food industry, however, it’s Lay’s. And this manufacturer aims to increase their value in the consumers’ eyes by making a dip tray a special on-pack promotion.

Branded Dip Tray – Lay’s On-Pack Promotion

What can Lay’s achieve from the gift’s inclusion?
  • Better Brand Awareness. There are some countries that the company has recently reached. The fact that the promo gift has their logo though lets new customers to remember it more.
  • Increased Uniqueness. Even F&B brands infrequently offer dip trays as gifts with purchase, as they lean to free shirts a lot. But this bit also enhances the marketability of the item.
  • Greater Sales. As most adults know how difficult it is to earn money, they are drawn to the merchandises that have promotional products added to them. Hence, the branded dip tray means bigger profits for Lay’s.

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