Monday 7 August 2017

Free Raincoat in a Unique Case by SM

It's a total hassle to get sick these days. The cost of medicine never goes down; the hospitalization fees are just as bothersome. One instance that can send you straight to the doctor is being rained on. The weather has become so quirky that it pours even during summer; that's why you always have to bring an umbrella to shield you from it. If it seems too big for you to carry, why not just simply avail this free raincoat from SM Supermalls?

Free Raincoat in a Unique Case by SM

Special Perks from the Free Raincoat 

  • Folds Well. The waterproof material seems lightweight, so it will not take a lot of effort to gather the coat. With such a promotional gift, you cannot have an excuse for getting drenched in the rain. 
  • Saves Space. You won't have to leave any item at home just to make room for the gift with purchase. It's a highly intelligent marketing idea, in our opinion, because you can hang it on the zipper's puller outside the bag.
  • Promotes Recognition. The attractive thing about the promo merchandise is that the cases seem very much like a Pokéball, the home of Pokémons. Due to the recently popularized game made for this anime, the shoppers will surely notice this reward.
  • Eases Branding. The smooth case is devoid of any design other than the SM logo. And with that plastic hook on top, the product may even pass as a branded key chain.
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