Friday 18 August 2017

Versace Custom Promotion - Branded Luggage Tag

Apart from the people you love, what serves as your life anchor?

Dig deeply, but think simply - any answer that comes to mind cannot be wrong. It can be that pair of sneakers you use for rugged activities. Or the first photo of your kids together. Or that fountain pen you sign every successful deal with. In case you're at that age wherein there isn't an object that has the biggest impact on your life yet, then perhaps consider Versace's branded luggage tag as one?

Versace Custom Promotion - Branded Luggage Tag

The Valuable Parts of the Branded Luggage Tag

  • The Leather Setting. As a luxury brand, you can tell that Versace has made use of great leather for this advertising product. The fine stitches on the sides don't seem like they will come undone immediately as well.
  • The Golden Chain. Though it resembles a tiny bracelet, the chain acts as a hook for the luggage tag. We personally appreciate its uniqueness in this aspect. When other promo gifts come with standard key rings, here is Versace with its high-quality string.
  • The Embossed Logo. Rather than stamping the leather with the brand's name, the designer has decided to stick a coin-sized metallic logo on it. The idea makes the gift with purchase superior to many if the custom bag tags we have seen in the market.
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