Branded T-Shirt by Shawn Mendes Signature Fragrance

On a scale of 1 to 100, how much do you love Shawn Mendes?
It so happens that the Canadian singer launched his own perfume line not too long ago. The Signature, in fact, features a scent that both men and women will like. Along with this product, Ulta Beauty has dropped something that'll last longer than the bottle - a branded T-shirt.

shawn mendes signature branded t-shirt
Branded T-Shirt by Shawn Mendes Signature Fragrance

The Attributes of the Branded T-Shirt

  • Cool Memorabilia. What's appreciable about the promotional gift is that it has a millennial feel to it. The illustration of the main subject is unique, and only shades of blue are visible.
  • Not Cheesy. Though many idolize the guy, not everyone wants their top to scream "super fan". Hence, having a guitar instead of Shawn Mendes' face on the advertising merchandise is not a shabby choice.
  • Very Exclusive. The T-shirt is only available for the online shoppers of Ulta. You cannot find the same thing anywhere; that's why it's a fantastic gift with purchase
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