Friday 22 September 2017

Dove's Free Travel Organizer You Shouldn't Miss

Regardless if you'll be away from home for a day or a week, it sucks to realize you've forgotten a personal effect unintentionally. You are BFFs with the goddess (or god?) of luck in case you remember that 5 minutes to the location. If you're not, you need to get by without it for a bit. But maybe the heavens are showing mercy to your forgetful self, because Unilever's Dove brand has a free travel organizer just for you!

Dove's Free Travel Organizer You Shouldn't Miss

Reasons to NOT Ignore the Free Travel Organizer

  • It is roomy. When you're good at folding clothes, you can squeeze in as much as 10 garments in this in-pack promotion. It may not even be an absolute necessity to take an extra luggage for a short trip because of the case.
  • Canvas is life. Apart from being soft, the fabric will follow the shape of the items you'll put in it. Once they are unpacked, you may roll it up to a quarter of its real size. Washing it is possible as well. Thus, you can live with this gift with purchase.
  • Logo stays on. Any promo product that has polka dots seems interesting. You scrutinize each circle to see whether they're a part of a big pattern or holds another design in it. Despite that, the golden dove at the center ensures that people who'll see you with the marketing gift will also know where you got it.
Advertising a brand will never be dull when you often alter your promotional ideas. Don't forget to check out the blog today for more of the latter. Cheers!

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