Friday 29 September 2017

Ralph Lauren Giveaway: Promo Key Chain

A promo key chain deserves more advertising recognition that it is receiving now. I mean, the small giveaways that a consumer can keep in their pockets all the time are rare, but it counts as one. The item also works as an anchor to your important keys; that's why many won't want it out of their sight. Especially now, of course, if it's as attractive as the freebie from Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren Giveaway: Promo Key Chain

Cool Things It Can Do for a Brand

  • Heighten Gains. This is a gift with purchase that people can attach to anything. The light pink on the logo may not even prevent the male customers to obtain the product, since it really isn't an issue these day. For that reason, the sales can escalate earlier than expected.
  • Increase Brand Awareness. When a client connects the promotional merchandise to the car, house, or office keys, those around them will notice it for sure. Hence, it exposes the brand to more potential shoppers.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty. The middle-class consumers sometimes think that purchasing one from a high-end label is too much. However, including a promo gift with every regular item may help them see that they can be generous too. This will then allow the customers' loyalty to develop towards this brand.
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