Wednesday 4 October 2017

Star Wars Promo Tumbler - Movie Merchandise by Hapee

Do you think movies become box-office hits because the fans just want to see the actors in the big screen? That isn't wrong, but it's not entirely right either. Many of these people adore the flicks that pull them into their fictional world and make them shortly forget the present.

Among the highly successful franchises of old is the Star Wars. Everyone knows about it, and some go as far as collecting movie merchandises. In case you want one for your child too, here is a promo tumbler from a local toothpaste company named Hapee.

Star Wars Promo Tumbler - Movie Merchandise by Hapee

Admirable Facets of the Promo Tumbler

  • Proper Size. This tumbler is intended for the young consumers. For that reason, the volume of fluid that the gift with purchase can hold is enough for a kid.
  • Detailed Design. The promotional product is a fantastic replica of R2-D2, the heroic droid in the film series. Its distinctive parts even seem three-dimensional; that's why it's super rad.
  • Great to Collect. The design on the advertising gift does not look like it'll fade immediately. Thus, once your child outgrows the merchandise, you may turn it into a collectible and display with the rest of your Star Wars items.
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