Thursday 19 October 2017

Bulgari Promo Idea - Free Scarf for Night Use

Go to the hair care section of a department store, and you won't see any woman picking a shampoo or conditioner without reading its ingredients first. The reason is that everyone wishes of having commercial-worthy locks that bounces and looks stylish even if you just got out of bed. Well, using less chemical products is still the key to that, but wearing the free scarf from Bulgari during bedtime may help too.

Bulgari Promo Idea - Free Scarf for Night Use

Why This Free Scarf Requires Your Attention

  • Special. An admirer of this luxury Italian brand knows that Bulgari offers gifts with purchase once in a blue moon. Due to that, when the jewelry company releases such a freebie, expect that the design truly stands out.
  • Practical. What's fantastic is that the promotional merchandise is neither too long nor too short. You can quickly tie the loose ends to create an improvised headband and still look gorgeous before sleeping.
  • Elegant. The mixture of black and gold on the semi-hexagonal print is beautiful in a mature way. This color combination clarifies that the promo gift is for the adult female consumers.
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