Friday 20 October 2017

Promotional Virtual Reality Goggles by Nestlé Nido

Good are the brands that create educational GWPs that increase the cleverness of the young students. Better are those kids who try to grasp every piece of idea they can get from such learning materials. But the best are the parents who make it a goal to provide things that will let them grow well, physically and mentally speaking.

If you plan on surprising your child with a new toy, take these promotional virtual reality goggles from Nestlé.

Promotional Virtual Reality Goggles by Nestlé Nido

Witty Assets of the Promotional Virtual Reality Goggles

  • Animal Print. The brand took control of full-color printing to make this advertising merchandise possible. The youngsters who are very interested in the creatures of the wild will absolutely love it.
  • Smart Packaging. Those colors visible on the gift with purchase appear on the box too. They just left the front part free from any design so that the consumers can see the goggles. Furthermore, this packaging clearly tells who Nestlé collaborated with for the on-pack promotion - the Discovery Channel.
  • Suitable for 3D Videos. The latter company made it possible to include three-dimensional clips that kids can watch. Since the videos come with the promo gift, the little shoppers can play and learn from them as soon as they enter the house.
Thinking of educational ways to market your brand? See additional advertising tricks in the Marketing Gifts blog now!

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