Friday 3 November 2017

The Ultimate Giveaway: Free Mug from Royal Copenhagen

New to creating promotional gifts? To be honest, the items that attract audience round the clock are kitchen tools. Neither a consumer nor you can have too much utensils for cooking, eating, or drinking. They hold a label quite well too; that's why a lot of brands like to provide such products. One of them is the Royal Copenhagen, which has a free mug in store for Macy's shoppers.

The Ultimate Giveaway: Free Mug from Royal Copenhagen

What makes the free mug marketable?

  • Two-Toned. The cup looks cool off the bat with the layers of white and purple. You don't see these colors blend often for a gift with purchase without seeming dull. Yet, it adds character to the merchandise. 
  • Textured. Every block has embossed vertical lines. They are not infinite, because you can tell where the design ends and begins. Despite that, they improve the appearance of this promotional product.
  • Unique. The usual free mug you'll notice in the stores to date just have different prints. Those  can still hold your hot tea or coffee, for sure. But you won't find even an on-pack promotion resembling Royal Copenhagen's.
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