Friday 10 November 2017

Branded Keychain - A Gold-Plated GWP by Burberry

Christmas and birthdays are perhaps the most awaited occasions since gifts are aplenty during these times. Yet, companies can make ordinary days feel special with promotional products that can go with the items you buy from them. It is easy to sense more from high-end labels, however, since they are ideally luxurious. In truth, the clients of Burberry may feel the same with their branded keychain.

Branded Keychain - A Gold-Plated GWP by Burberry

How This Branded Keychain from Burberry Attracts Sales

  • Golden. The metal is always linked to sophistication, which grown women like. They can attach the gift with purchase to their bags or purses. And because the eye-catching design is exclusive to the company, it can be a conversation starter.
  • Imaginative. The promo gift is a Burberry perfume bottle with wings. The latter feature may actually flap since the keychain will dangle outside the bag. Hence, the consumer's friends may want one as well.
  • Meaningful. The heart on the side is the brand's subtle expression of appreciation. How they connected it to the advertising merchandise seems to say that Burberry sends their love with each fragrance sold.
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