Monday 20 November 2017

Promo Soap Dispenser - In-Pack Merchandise by Unilever's Dove

Are you one of those people who spend half or over an hour in the shower just to think? It might be unconventional in others' eyes, yet great scholars like Archimedes have long known how it makes you extra creative. A simple explanation is that the activity relaxes your tired system, thus producing more dopamine - the chemical responsible for that - in the brain. But the money-making ideas may flow faster when you also see the promo soap dispenser from Dove (a Unilever brand) in your bathroom.

Promo Soap Dispenser - In-Pack Merchandise by Unilever's Dove

Benefits of Promo Soap Dispenser to Customers

  • Luxurious. The thick strips of white and gold on this advertising product connects well to the brand. Its nozzle is gold-toned too and very different to the regular soap containers; that's why it'll be a fancy addition to the bathroom.
  • Space-Friendly. Although a Dove bottle looks nice, it can actually eat up a sizable horizontal space on any counter. The gift with purchase, however, has a petite body. You can simply refill it with the liquid merchandise and store the plastic bottle away.
  • Organized. The promotional gift may come with Dove body wash, but no rule says it's solely for that product. It's OK to get more dispensers for your shampoo and conditioner so that they'll look uniformed side by side.
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