Friday 1 December 2017

LOOK: Custom Christmas Ornament from Paco Rabanne

Preparing for Christmas is never boring; that's why people in various countries even do it months before the actual holiday. The department stores start putting items on discount too around this time so that many can wrap their gifts early. A must-have for the occasion, of course, is a special tree adorned with lights, ribbons, etc. In case you are short of decorative balls, simply avail the custom Christmas ornament from Paco Rabanne.

LOOK: Custom Christmas Ornament from Paco Rabanne
The merchandise is not an on-pack promotion by any chance. Inside the golden Christmas ball is a miniature version of the brand's 1 Million fragrance. Apart from this item, you may also obtain one with the Invictus replica in it.

LOOK: Custom Christmas Ornament from Paco Rabanne

The Perks of Getting a Custom Christmas Ornament

  • Cool Decoration. The baubles that we've seen since childhood are colorful, aren't they? Yet, Paco Rabanne takes that creativity up a notch with this gift with purchase by showing that less design is more.
  • Remarkable Memorabilia. As the advertising product is for a specific season, it's unsure when and if the brand will make more of it in the coming years. Such an exclusivity results to good things, however, because a lot of consumers will then want one before supplies run out.
  • Striking Gift. You don't see a high-end fragrance bottle suspended in a Christmas ornament often. It may not be as useful as custom-shaped coasters, but its uniqueness is too obvious to take for granted.
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