Thursday 27 December 2018

Promotional Hair Brush - On Pack Giveaway from Penshoppe

Brand owners, in all honesty, see their unique promotional products as something very important. Thus, they put a lot of work into creating custom giveaways that the target audience can appreciate. Penshoppe, a known Asian brand, offers promotional hair brush as an on pack giveaway to customers.

Promotional Hair Brush - On Pack Giveaway from Penshoppe

Promotional Hair Brush as Gift With Purchase

Anyone with hair of any significant length will inevitably need to brush it to keep it neat and stylish. No one wants to have hair that's knotted and tangled, and a good hairbrush is the only real way to keep that from happening. With such a large percentage of the population needing brushes, promotional hairbrushes can make an effective gift for just about any customer base.

Also, the hair brush is made from durable yet non-toxic materials. So, customers are 100% sure that Penshoppe is only offering them quality freebies. This leaves a good impression on the brand.

Why do we think this Promotional Hair Brush from Penshoppe Stands out?

  • Wise Packaging - The brand uses bold and bright colours which effectively attract attention. The brand packaging design is also great because we can clearly see the contents; the product and the promo gift.
  • Great Marketing Gift - The promotional hair brush is the perfect freebie for Penshoppe's target market. Their products aim to please young adult girls
  • Affordable - Manufacturing hair brushes wouldn't really hurt your marketing budget. This means that your brand could do all out with your marketing campaign.
Overall, having these custom brushes as your next promotional freebie is clearly not a bad idea. In fact, this could even help you brush all tangles in your marketing plans.

If you're interested to know more about this product, feel free to contact us anytime. Our product designers are always ready to entertain your queries.

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