Saturday 28 December 2019

New Year Promotions: Chinese Zodiac - Themed Marketing Gifts

With the upcoming Chinese New Year, every company will be stocking up on their marketing gifts, and your company should be doing the same too. Because we understand how important tradition is in the hearts of the Chinese, we have compiled a list of the most suitable Chinese zodiac-themed promotional giveaways for your brand. 

Ever thought of using socks for one of your marketing campaigns? It may sound unorthodox but it can be really effective if implemented with precision. The target audience of promotional socks can consist of people from all walks of life because everyone wears them. Using socks as promotional gifts will be more feasible and versatile than other clothing options as the worry of color options and size variations can be lessened. As consumers love products that are unexpected yet functional, we believe that socks can make for a perfect surprise gift. 

This custom notebook is dedicated to people who want to start out the new year seeking to be a better version of their previous self, which means setting their minds to their new year's resolutions, which most commonly includes being more well-organized! This notebook will serve every need you would have, be it from writing down and organizing notes to even the casual sketches and doodles, as the pages consist of a mixture between blank canvases and writing lines. 

The rooster is proudly displayed on the front page with a modern and classy design, available in different colors. The design of this product is simple yet attractive. The size of the design is kept minimal so as to improve its portability, which allows you to carry your brand or logo wherever you go. The usage of higher quality materials also helps to improve the overall durability of the product, which in turn also improves the reliability of the notebook

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, the idea of using red packets as a gift with purchase is just absolutely fitting, not to mention the simplicity and the efficiency of it. The tradition of red packets originate from the Chinese culture and the practice of giving red packets can be seen all around the world. The red packet usually consists of money in even denominations and it symbolizes the wishing of prosperity from the sender to the receiver, common practices of red packet gifting includes from parents to their child or even from employers to their employees. Using the red packet as a promotional gift allows your customers to feel the cultural connection to your brand, incentivizing them to feel closer to your brand. As the red packet is such a commonly used product during this festive season, many customers would also be incentivized to purchase your product in order to obtain the practical gift that comes along with it.

This Chinese New Year themed Double-wall Flask is designed with a rooster shaped cap. The double-wall feature of the flask enables it to hold any liquid – regardless of the temperature. The finishing design of the flask's exterior has a high-quality touch and feel to it due to the use of gold-colored steel. The flask itself has a very big branding surface, enabling endless possibilities for your company's marketing wishes. This flask can also be used as a formality for your Chinese New Year Gift as it closely resembles a blessing of prosperity.  The cap of the flask can be custom made as per your requirement and request.

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