Friday 19 June 2020

Top 5 Custom Snowglobes Ideas For Christmas

Snowglobes, The Ultimate Promotional Gift for Christmas

Have you started planning for your Christmas Marketing Campaign this year?
Are you still looking for a great promotional gift idea that you can personalize?
We're only 6 months away from Christmas, and now is the perfect time for you to start planning, considering the time it would take for manufacturing.
Festive seasons like Christmas is such a great time to gift your customers and also to incorporate in your branding. Seasonal branding allows you to grow with your customers and celebrate the good times. It gives such an amazing opportunity for a brand to reconnect or introduce themselves to potential customers.
One of our favorite seasonal gift request from clients are custom snow globes. Snow globes are great collectible items that can be easily personalized to make it sentimental.
It is an interactive gift that prompt users to shake it, and to connect with the gift. This is an important characteristic of promotional gifts – to facilitate engagement.
To help generate some inspiration for our dear readers, we've compiled 10 custom snow globe case studies that would definitely help kick-start your 2020 Christmas Marketing Campaign.

Our top 5 picks for Custom Promotional Snow Globes

1. Licensed Promotional Snow Globes

Promotional Snow Globes

If your brand has an association with a licensed brand, this might just be the best fit for you. We've manufactured and designed so many snow globes for licensed characters used for co-branding campaigns. 
2. Building-inspired Snow Globes

Alternatively, we also like to scale down large buildings to fit the tiny world of the snow globe! This creates such an amazing effect, and it is great if you are celebrating the anniversary of your establishment. 
3. Logo-inspired Snow Globes

Maybe you don't really have a mascot or building that truly represents your brand? Well, why not just market your brand directly by making a 3D model of your logo as the core figurine of your custom snow globe.
4. Beverage-inspired Snow Globes

Beverages like Whisky bottles and food items can also make a great 3D figurine for your custom snow globes. This allows your customers to appreciate the product in a different lens.
5. Seasonal Snow Globes
Otherwise, you can always set up a seasonal theme for your brand, integrated into the snow globe. This is a popular route by brand managers as it usually campaigns for a specific occasion like Christmas.
In a nutshell...
Snow globes are actually not restricted to the seasons. As mentioned, we love how interactive and easily customized features of snow globes. This product has definitely been a staple for the promotional products industry and definitely something your brand should consider for this year's Christmas campaign. 
Like what you see from the images? These were all images featured on the ODM Group Online Magazine, and also several idea concepts from Mindsparkz.
If you would like to start manufacturing your own custom snow globes, do not hesitate to contact us
Read this blog to learn how you can design your own custom snow globes :

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