Friday 19 June 2020

Top 10 Promotional Products For Drinks Industry

Promotions in the Drinks Industry

After exploring the promotional products industry, we've realized how valuable bespoke promotional products are to the Drinks Industry. When you're selling a commodity like food and beverage, promotional merchandise can definitely help improve your branding, and also create customer relationship.

Not Just for the End Consumer

When speaking of promotional products, one might assume that its usually in the form of free gifts or gift with purchase for your customers. 
Well, there has been many occasions where we've worked with people from the drinks industry that have an endorsement-like relationship with their co-existing bars. This would also require facilitating promotional products that will be placed in the bar. 

The next time you visit a bar, maybe you should consider what brand that pint glass is promoting.

Our Top 10 picks for the Drinks Industry

1. Free Copa Glass - On pack promotion

Drinks Free Gifts

When choosing a promotional gift with purchase, we always try to deliver something that is complementary. This one made for Schweppers, a tonic drink company provided a very complementary gift with purchase which is something their customers can use to mix their tonic drinks! 

2. Bottle Opener with USB Flashdrive

Promotional idea: Custom Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

The best and innovative products always have more than one feature to it. We really love this product idea, combining a USB flash drive and a bottle opener into a single product. This will definitely come in handy for working adults who would enjoy a bottle of beer after work.

3. High Quality Jiggers - On pack promotion

Promotional Bar Jigger

Custom Jiggers

This product would have go perfectly hand in hand with the Copa Glass. Jiggers are a staple instrument for mixologists and drinking enthusiasts. They are also easily branded using CNC engraving methods, to give your promotional jiggers a professional and personalized look.

4. Promotional Mixer Set - On pack promotion

Edinburgh Gin Gift Set- Why Use Drinks Marketing Products

Willing to invest in something bigger? We recommend giving away a premium cocktail mixer set to help your customer develop their DIY bar at home. This will definitely encourage your customer to repeat purchase, although we hope it doesn't develop into a drinking habit!

5. Promotional/Funny Coasters

Custom Funny Face Coasters

These coasters are so creative and quirky! Custom design coasters are the best, because they're easy to customize and also can be made into a collectible item!

6. Branded Coolers
Branded Coolers

Coolers are another great premium gift you can give to clients and customers. They make a great product to bring out for a picnic or an event - which allows your brand to gain more exposure everytime its used. 

7. LED Light Bottle


Now this is a great feature to add on your bottles. LED Light will make your product pop out in the dark room of night clubs. It will definitely illuminate your brand for better exposure. 

8. POS Displays

Exclusive Promotional Drinks Display for Hennessy.

Another great way to promote your product is to integrate your retail experience. This means developing a creative or premium display that will help capture your customer's attention. 

9. Spin the bottle Gift 

Cool Promotional Drinks Products: Desperados Spin the Bottle Giveaways

We're sure almost everyone had played this game before. Especially if you're intoxicated - this is one hell of a game to initiate with a group of friends. This inclusive gift makes it much more engaging to a group of people and could definitely prompt some impulse purchases. 

10. DIY Drinks Game


This is a project that we actually worked with. Basically, it was given as a gift with purchase to customers and it is a collection of dice in a box packaging. Each dice has 6 sides, all six of which has a specific drink element. Players will have to roll it within their group of friends, and make the drink! 

This would be a great gift promo for your customers and drinking games are well supported due to the high engagement, and interactive nature. 

We hope you find our top 10 picks useful! If you're thinking of manufacturing something out of this list, be sure to contact us or read our online magazine to learn more!

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