Tuesday 23 June 2020

7 Reasons why customers love this branded paper soap

Personal and hygiene are really important for everyone during this period of time.  We recently come across this really interesting product called the Travel Portable Disinfecting Hand Wash Paper Soap - or in short we call branded paper soaps. We think that a branded paper soap will make a great alternative to hand sanitizers and hand wash, which are currently difficult to obtain and are sold out in many stores worldwide. 

We hope you keep reading to learn the 7 reasons why customers love these branded paper soaps. 

7 Reasons Why Customers Love These Paper Soaps

1. Easy To Use

These branded hand paper soaps are so easy to use! Basically, the product comes in a cute plastic casing that contains 20 sheets of dry paper soaps. To apply the paper soap, simply rinse it with clean water on your hands, and it will dissolve like soap.

2. Portable

These branded paper soaps are so small and compact, it can easily fit into your pocket! The casing of the paper soaps are only 6.5cmx4.5cm, making it so portable.

3. Natural Ingredients 

Branded Paper Soap

These branded paper soaps use herbal oils which helps remove bacteria and performs like a natural hand sanitizer. Made out of glycerol and embellished skin lotion to moisturize the skin.
This is definitely a competitor among hand sanitizers.

4. Branding

If you're distributing these for your brand, these paper soaps make a great promotional item. The casings can be easily customized to personalize your branding. We can help silkscreen or CNC engrave your logos onto the casings.

5. Lightweight
Branded Paper Soap

The down-side of using bottled hand sanitizers is that it is made in the form of a liquid, therefore the bottled sanitizers tend to have more weight on them. These hand paper soaps are so lightweight, you won't even notice that its there!

6. Zero-spill 
Another attractive aspect about these paper soaps are that they are completely dry and dissolve-able. This means that you can easily tore it in your bags and purse without it spilling.

7. Eco-friendly
These paper soaps are 100% biodegradable. They are actually phosphate-free, therefore producing these do not damage the environment. This is an important aspect due to ethical sourcing, and also the demand from consumers for more eco-friendly products.

We hope you would consider getting these paper hand soaps for your brand.
If you are interested in manufacturing, do not hesitate to contact us and quote product code #2822.

To our dear readers, we wish everyone the best of health and strength during this troubling times.
Thank you.

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