Tuesday 23 June 2020

5 Advantages of Custom Bottle with Wireless Earbuds

The sports industry has been very populated by sportswear, and merchandise. It is difficult to find a useful, functional and unique promotional merchandise these days. 

Recently, we've came across this customized bottle with wireless earbuds. If you have been following our online magazine, you would understand how much we love products with multi-functional features. 

Wireless headphones have created such a disruptive trend into the audio devices industry, making it such a versatile and popular product. There's a big preference over wireless items due to the portability and convenience.

To break down this topic to a digestible content - we list down 5 reasons why this custom bottle with wireless earbuds can help promote your sports brand.

1. Multi-functional 

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

As mentioned before, we've grown fond of products with multi-functionality. Their ability to fuse two different needs of the target audience, helps them serve a bottle and wireless headpiece into a single product. 

2. Minimal 

This versatile, and 2-in-1 product is much more appreciated in the design perspective, as it is beautifully packaged into a minimal and simple design. The ear buds are stored at the bottle cap, with control features for a better music experience. 

3. Easy to carry

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

Here we also have another variation of this product that includes an attached grip handle which makes it a lot easier to carry around, especially if you're having a run at the park. 

4. Easy to Customize 

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

Also, if you're a sports brand looking to personalize promotional products, we also can help attach your brand logo onto the bottle. With different variations of the bottle exterior, we can apply different printing techniques to customize these bottles.

5. Waterproof

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

Surely fusing an electronic with a liquid-based product will raise some concerns. The ear buds are protected with a waterproof casing that does not allow water to enter and damage it. These really show customers how reliable the product is and assures great quality.

If you're interested in manufacturing some of these bespoke water bottles with wireless ear buds, contact us and make sure you read our online magazine. 

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