Wednesday 24 June 2020

Top 5 Promotional Kitchen Supplies

On-Pack Promotions in the Food Industry

Now that many of us are being stuck at home, we've seen quite a trend of home chefs in the making. FMCG Food industries have been investing in on-pack promotions so that they can stand out in the retail market. For example, free gift toys in cereal boxes.

On pack promotions can come in various forms. The main criteria is that it has to be part of the packaging. We’ve seen other brands do pretty well with discounts and premiums promoted on the packaging. However, we learn that these are not as popular as gifts-with-purchases. Gifts-with-purchases are much more enticing to customers as it gives them a perceived higher value of the product.

Let's have a look at our top 5 promotional kitchen supplies that will be perfect as an on-pack promotion to your product. 

Top 5 Promotional Kitchen Supplies

1.Kitchen Towels



Kitchen towels have been a staple promotional product in the FMCG industry. They make a great canvas to personalize your brand, and also is highly utilized by customers. 

2. Eco-friendly Food Containers

Promotional Food Containers

Food containers are also a great gift for food companies. They are sustainable, rigid and also can be made as the packaging of the product.
Great for storing left-overs in the fridge and definitely will impress your customers. 

3. Silicone Food Bag


This is another great alternative to help your customers preserve their food. These silicone are so flexible and can be easily packaged into a compact manner. They can store liquid objects too. Easy to clean and great for food products with a limited shelf life. 

4. Custom Aprons
Custom aprons are the best item to give to a beginner baker. There's so much that one would need to start baking, and aprons are such a useful tool to contain the mess you make making your first souffle!
Its easily customizable and attached as an on-pack promotional gift. 

5. Coffee Mugs
# 2876

Coffee brands have long admired the value of coffee mugs. Coffee brands and other breakfast beverages try to commit to every experience of consumer behavior. This means providing a great mug to complement a great coffee brand. 

Interested in making some of this items into reality? We hope you found some inspiration for some product items that you can mass produce for you campaigns. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you.

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