Nivea Russia Promotion

Nivea is generously offering lots of promotional gifts for its customers in Russia.  Simply spend 170 roubles and above on Nivea products and receive a special card with your first sticker. For every following purchase worth 170 roubles, you will get these stickers. That is, if the total of your purchase is above 340 roubles, you will be given 2 stickers, if it's above 510 roubles - 3 stickers, etc. The more stickers you have, the greater prizes you get! For 3 stickers you will receive a headband. To get a travel bag you need 5 stickers and a transformer bag is worth 7 stickers. 

Promotional Items by Nivea, Russia

The items are customized by matching Nivea’s signature colours. In terms of utility, all the items will come in handy for all ladies. The design simplicity helps to cut down on expenses at the same time adding to the perceived value of the Nivea products.

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In a nutshell about this promo for our Russian followers:

Покупайте средства по уходу за кожей лица и тела «Nivea», собирайте наклейки и получайте стильные призы: дорожную сумку, повязку на волосы или сумку-трансформер! 

Lancome GWP Russia - Promotional Bracelet

The famous make-up brand, Lancome, is offering its Russian customers a fantastic bracelet for every purchase over 1000 roubles. With a small trinket in a shape of lipstick it looks really charming. Taking into account that women are the target consumers of this brand, this promotion is sure to succeed.

These bracelets are limited in number, which will contribute to the boosting of sales for Lancome . In addition, this promotional campaign ends on the 31st of July, so apparently those who want this fashionable bracelet should hurry!

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A short summary of this promotional campaign for our Russian readers:

У вас есть уникальный шанс стать обладателем очаровательного браслета от Lancome. Для этого необходимо совершить покупку в магазинах Иль-де-Ботэ  на сумму от 1000 рублей и браслет Ваш! Данное предложение, несомненно, покажется привлекательным для всех поклонниц косметики Lancome

Promotional gifts by Picnic, Russia

Promotional Products are being currently offered by Picnic in Russia. A lucky promo code is hidden within each pack and all Russian customers now have a chance to win different prizes.

According to the rules of this promo campaign, you have to send an SMS with the promo code to 1500. A computer then randomly chooses a winning number every hour to see who gets one of three promotional items: a watch, a USB flash drive or the headphones. 

Picnic promotion, Russia

As you can see from the picture above that all gifts are perfectly designed. The colours used are the main colours of the brand. We can also notice strong logo positioning. Since the prizes are limited in number this promotion is extremely enticing.

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Here’s a summary for our Russian readers:

Акция «PICNIC. Набит призами!» направлена на стимулирование продаж  шоколадных батончиков PICNIC . Все что от Вас требуется - это отправить смс-сообщение на короткий номер 1500, и Вы получаете шанс выиграть один из трех промо-подарков (часы, наушники или флеш-диск USB с фирменной символикой). Главный приз - планшетный ПК!

KFC and Pepsi Russian Promotional Campaign

This promotion gives everybody a chance to win a glowing ball from Pepsi! Simply buy a 0.8 l drink at KFC  in Russia to get a Scratch n Win Card. The promotional campaign will be on till the 25th of July.

Scratch'n'Win Promo by KFC and Pepsi, Russia
This promotional campaign is sure to succeed, since we all love surprises. Knowing that there is a chance to win prizes, customers will rush to have a meal at KFC. That is why the sales will increase  significantly.

The fact that this promotional campaign is held in collaboration with Pepsi only makes it more appealing and thus encourages purchase.
A brief description of this campaign in Russian:

KFC совместно с Pepsi проводит новую промо-акцию - с 05 июня по 25 июля  покупая напиток объемом 0,8 л., Вы получаете скретч карту. Под защитным слоем может быть указан приз - бутылка Пепси Гооол 0,6 л, светящийся футбольный мяч или даже поездка в Санкт-Петербург на встречу с Андреем Аршавиным. Перечисленные подарки действительно уникальны, поэтому эта акция заинтересует каждого, кто хоть немного 
интересуется футболом. 

Collectable beer mugs by Zatecky Gus, Russia

Czech brewery Zatecky Gus are proposing wonderful collectible beer mugs as a promo-gift. Every customer who buys a bottle of  Zatecky Gus beer has a chance to win! All you have to do is to register the unique promo-code printed on the bottle cap on the official site of this promotional campaign. 
Zatecky Gus Beer Promotion, Russia
Boasting of 3 different designs, these promotional mugs will undoubtedly encourage customers to buy more Zatecky Gus beer to collect the whole series. Apart from boosting sales, such incentive products also help to raise the brand image of Zatecky Gus, as every cup has a logo on it!
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Here’s a summary for our Russian readers: 

Представляем Вашему вниманию новую акцию от пивоваренной компании “Zatecky Gus” – “Гуса покупай и подарки получай” , которая начинается с 1 июня 2012 года. Для участия в акции необходимо и собрать определнное количество этикеток и ключей с промо-кодами на официальном сайте акции. Пивные кружки выполнены в виде чешских зданий - Вы никогда не найдете подобные на прилавках магазинов. Именно поэтому данный маркетинговый ход, вне всяких сомнений, положительно скажется на продажах пива Zatecky Gus.

Skittles On Pack Promotion in UK

Skittles has launched their biggest ever on-pack promotion in the UK.  This promo will have customers rushing to find 500 golden Skittles sweated out by the latest character from the brand; Grant Britton. With a £50,000 prize pot up for grabs, consumers who are lucky enough to find a golden Skittle will win nearly £50, with more prizes available on-line.
Available across all 55g and 174g variants, the on-pack promotion is backed by a massive through-the-line marketing campaign. Fronted by its star, Grant Britton, the activity will be supported on TV from June.  This promo will also target Skittles Facebook fans in the UK.
Fans can win limited edition merchandise such as water bottles, sweatbands and t-shirts. ODM like this promo since the gifts are very well suited to the UK summer and Sports themed given that the Olympics will be running in late summer
Skittles is the fastest growing major Fruit Confectionery brand with over nine million Skittles eaten every day in the UK.
What do you think of this promo?
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