Wednesday 15 July 2015

Circle K Summer Promo Gift - Thermos Metal Mug

If you have been to any Circle K in Hong Kong recently you must have spotted this summer promo gift.

Summer Promo Gift - Thermos Mug by KOBITOS

You probably noticed that it is also a co-branded promotion. Circle K, in order to attract new client, partnered with KOBITOS (famous Japanese book). Characters are very recognizable with their strange faces and the fact that they are usually pictured in flower pots.

How can you get this summer promo gift?

It's very simple! Just collect the points you get whenever you spend money in any Circle K shop and use them to redeem the cute metal drink bottle.

  KOBITOS Summer Promo Gift @ Circle K Hong Kong

Why should you use a thermos mug as a promo gift?

If you have ever been to Hong Kong during summer time and suffered under its 40°C humid weather, you probably already know the answer: it keeps the temperature. Simply, you can keep your tea very hot and your water very cold. It is basically THE perfect summer promo gift!

Plus, it is made of stainless steel mug so it's both high end, light and easy to carry so it can be taken with you wherever you go (hiking, camping, swimming, cycling... you name it!). 

Best summer promo gift ever by KOBITOS

But let's be honest, the main selling point for us, marketing people, is the branding area. More than 95% of the product can be branded with your own logo or artwork. 

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need some help with your upcoming summer promo gift campaign!

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